In 2016, five organization's providing services to hundreds of Jewish schools across the globe decided to merge and create a new organizations called Prizmah.

My work included:

- Serving as technical project manager for the entirety of the web and database development process, from evaluating technology options to interviewing and selecting prospective partners.
- Managing the process of exporting, importing, cleaning and merging data from the five founding organizations, and documenting the process. Frontend development and styling of organization's website and content.
- Testing the website and CRM for errors and anomalies.
- Setting up and testing the email-based discussion forums used by 1000+ educators, and its integration with the Mailgun API, Drupal and the CRM.
- Setting up website, and database permissions for all users.
- Setting up and testing integration of the website, CRM and discussion forums.
- Importing, creating and styling all the website's content.
- Training members of staff, and writing extensive documentation.
- Troubleshooting and resolving website, database and discussion forums issues.
- Managing the new organization's onsite technology such as setting up its AD infrastructure, servers, network, DNS and online services.

(Merged into Prizmah - see above)

- Fullstack development of organization's website (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL).
- Created customizable panels and dashboard of constituent engagement, combining information from website, database, and discussion forums.
- Provided deep insight for all staff into organization's accomplishments with detailed and easy to read metrics.
- Installed, setup, and trained communication staff on Google Analytics integration.
- Analyzed data and produced statistics based on data collected through surveys. See here for an example.
- Managed companies entire IT infrastructure including AD, network and online services.
- Provided support,  troubleshooting and training for the organization's staff and users for all of the organization's technology.



Note: Live sites may require a few seconds to spin up, please be patient.


Create contests, submit entries, and vote on entries.

Built using Ruby on Rails backend, with a React/Redux frontend.  Styled with Semantic UI and CSS.

Kofetch (Github Link)

Do you want a delicious coffee but don't want to schlep to get it? Do you want to make money bringing people their favorite coffee? If so, Kofetch is the site for you. Built with Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap and Semantic UI.

Subway Tracker (Github)

Track trains through New York city's famous subways.

Built with Ruby on Rails and Vanilla Javascript, and utilizing the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's API.

Space-App (Frontend, Backend)

Using NASA's API, allows a user to view photos and favorite them. Also displays asteroids and allows a user to filter by various criteria.

Built with Rails backend, and React frontend. Styled with Semantic UI.

Todo App (Github)

Simple CLI-based app for creating, editing, and deleting todos. Supports multi-user todos.

Built with Ruby and ActiveRecord.

Hangman (Github)

Simple CLI hangman game, with large dictionary.

Built with OO Ruby.